LASU School Fees for Mass Communication: A Comprehensive Guide

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() is a renowned Nigerian institution offering diverse academic programs, including the highly sought-after Mass Communication degree. However, navigating the intricacies of LASU's fee structure, especially for specific programs like Mass Communication, can be challenging. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify LASU fees for Mass Communication, providing you with clear and concise information.

LASU for Mass Communication Overview:

LASU School Fees for Mass Communication

LASU's school vary depending on several factors, including:

  • : Different programs carry varying tuition fees, with specialization programs often incurring higher charges.
  • Category: Freshmen, returning , and part-time students have distinct fee structures.
  • Level of Study: Undergraduate and postgraduate programs have different fee schedules.

Mass Communication Program Fees:

For the 2023/ academic , LASU's Mass Communication program fees are categorized as follows:

  • Freshmen: N113,250 (excluding acceptance fee)
  • Returning Students: N115,750

Please note: These fees are subject to change by the university administration. It's crucial to stay updated through official university channels to ensure access to the latest fee information.

Additional Fees:

Beyond the program fee, students are required to pay various additional fees, including:

  • Acceptance Fee: N20,000
  • Medical Fee: N10,000
  • Student Union Government (SUG) Fee: N4,000
  • Faculty/Departmental Fee: Varies depending on the faculty/department
  • Development Levy: N1,000
  • Late Fee: N5,000 (applicable for late registration)

Breakdown of Fees:

Here's a breakdown of the total fees for Mass Communication students:

  • Freshmen:
    • Program Fee: N113,250
    • Acceptance Fee: N20,000
    • Medical Fee: N10,000
    • SUG Fee: N4,000
    • Faculty/Departmental Fee: Varies (approximately N2,000)
    • Development Levy: N1,000
    • Total: Approximately N150,250
  • Returning Students:
    • Program Fee: N115,750
    • SUG Fee: N4,000
    • Faculty/Departmental Fee: Varies (approximately N2,000)
    • Development Levy: N1,000
    • Total: Approximately N122,750

Payment Options:

LASU offers various convenient payment options for school fees, including:

  • Payment: Students can pay their fees through the university's official e-payment portal using debit cards or bank transfers.
  • Bank Branches: Designated bank branches across Lagos State accept fee payments.
  • POS Terminals: POS terminals are available at the LASU bursary for on-campus payments.

Financial Aid and :

LASU offers various financial aid schemes and scholarships to support students with their academic pursuits. These include:

  • LASU Merit : Awarded to outstanding students with exceptional academic performance.
  • LASU Bursary Awards: Offered to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Lagos State Government Scholarships: Available to students from Lagos State who meet specific eligibility criteria.

Information Resources:

For the most accurate and updated information on LASU school fees for Mass Communication, students are encouraged to consult the following resources:


Understanding LASU's school fees for Mass Communication is crucial for potential and current students. By utilizing this comprehensive guide and actively seeking information from official sources, you can navigate the financial aspects of your academic journey seamlessly. Remember, financial assistance options are available to support deserving students in achieving their educational goals.

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