Tottenham is accused of manipulating the Ukraine war to the…

Serhiy Palkin, the head of Shakhtar Donetsk, has charged Tottenham with taking advantage of the conflict in Ukraine by bringing in Manor Solomon for nothing last summer. The action took place as a result of FIFA passing a regulation enabling foreign players to suspend their contracts while they are playing in the nation.

Solomon was able to postpone his contract till the end of 2023 because it was just for that amount of time. As a result, Shakhtar was unable to recover any money for one of their most important players.

As a result, Spurs were able to get the 24-year-old for free. Even though talks have been held to try and reach a solution that pleases everyone, Palkin called the north London club’s efforts “disrespectful” and threatened to file a lawsuit.

I have terrible feelings for Tottenham,” he said to The Telegraph. “I find it hard to comprehend that a club with this much history, on both a global and European scale, could act in such a manner. It is not, in my opinion, appropriate behavior.

“They have capitalized on the conflict. Maybe I could understand it if this was some tiny European club with little money or whatever. However, Tottenham? Tottenham. How is that even feasible?”

Palkin estimates that Solomon’s net worth was somewhat more than £21 million when he joined the Premier League. The CEO of Shakhtar says he was ready to agree to a condition that would let the team bank a portion of any future move instead of accepting a compensation sum in full.

He went on: “Guys, I don’t need money for him right now. I even told Tottenham that.” In the future, let’s have a sell-on fee of perhaps thirty or forty percent. For us, that would be sufficient. “No, no, we cannot give you that,” they responded. You’ll receive 10% from us. “Guys, that’s not serious,” I exclaimed. It is not respectful to give us ten percent.”

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Even though Mateus Tete was under contract with Shakhtar at the time, the French team got a loan fee for the Brazilian in 2023, and Shakhtar has already taken Lyon to court over it. Spurs might face an equally tough response.

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