Napoli has proposed €45 million for Atlético Madrid star…

The previous season was an odd one for Napoli. They finished in a dismal 10th position after winning the championship the previous year. It is obvious that they want to improve for the upcoming season, and they will be looking to do so throughout the transfer window.

They are focusing on Nahuel Molina, a 26-year-old winger and right-back for Argentina’s world champion Atletico Madrid, as one such improvement.

After taking over at Napoli, Molina is high on Antonio Conte’s list of priorities, according to Marca. Transfermarkt values the asset at €35 million, so while a move could be challenging, it’s not impossible, given the €90 million release clause.

Napoli must also take into account the fact that they won’t compete in Europe the next season, which significantly lessens their ability to entice players.

Molina has played 68 games for Udinese in two seasons, giving him experience playing in Italy. If the price is good, the player can be drawn to returning to a place they are familiar with.

If Napoli want to have Nahuel Molina wearing a Napoli shirt the following season, they will need to engage in extensive discussions.

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