‘It’s Something That’s Never Been Done Before’

Former Everton manager Keith Wyness asserted that John Textor could acquire the team right away if the Premier League gave him permission.

The 66-year-old, who ran a football consultancy advising elite clubs after serving as CEO at Goodison Park from 2004 to 2009,

stated the US-based investor could place his Crystal Palace shares in a “blind trust” to enable him to take over on Merseyside in an interview with Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast.

Textor has requested a grace period from the Premier League in order to preserve Everton while still co-owning Palace, according to The Sun (2 June).

According to the article, he is the “prime contender” to purchase the Toffees following the failure of 777 Partners’ buyout offer.

Textor currently holds 45% of Crystal Palace,

but he wants to sell his share in order to assume the bulk of the Everton ownership.

He owns the bulk of shares in the Brazilian team Botafago,

the Belgian team RWD Molenbeek,

and the French powerhouse Lyon.

Premier League essential for authorizing quick Everton’s textor takeover, according to Wyness

Although Wyness acknowledged that the situation is “something which has never been done before,”

she nonetheless called it “intriguing.”

“The one potential deal which has been in the media is John Textor,”

he said on the Insider Track podcast of Football Insider.

The intriguing part is that there have been rumors circulating that he is in talks with the Premier League to try to work out a method for him to retain his ownership of Crystal Palace.

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“After that, he will sell that stake to fund his entrance into Everton.

“This is comparable to the allocation of two teams to clubs such as Manchester City and Manchester United in European competition.”

This entails placing the shares in a blind trust that he is no longer in charge of.

Theoretically, Textor could enter Everton immediately in that manner.

He would not have any control over how Palace is run;

the Premier League may oversee that blind trust until the shares are sold.

Although it’s a fascinating possibility, nothing like that has ever been done.

Textor would be able to make an offer for Everton.

I have some concerns about him,

so I’m not sure if he’s the best answer.

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