Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud hits back at the Colts LB duo amid trash

C.J. Stroud is more than willing to dish it right back at anyone who throws the first insult. He’s certainly not afraid to put his thoughts out in the open.

Stroud, the Houston Texans’ franchise quarterback and reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year, raised the tension for Week 1’s showdown against the Indianapolis Colts by calling out linebackers Zaire Franklin and E.J. Speed. And yes, he’s heard everything up to this point that’s been said by the two on him and the franchise.

Speed and Franklin, the hosts of ‘The Trenches Podcast,’ have been known to call out Stroud and the Texans over the last several months. Both sides have been brutal on social media since Houston bested the Indianapolis Colts for the division title in Week 18.

Stroud, who’s been listening from afar during his trips around Asia, called out Speed for his comments on how he would “mess him up” for the rest of his career. Instead of calling him out for his remarks, Stroud fired a shot right back.

“He talks about me all the time and I know he’s going to see this, so I ain’t tripping,” Stroud said.

That was only the beginning of the rant. Stroud later called out both linebackers for saying they were going on shows and talking trash but still couldn’t find a way to win head-to-head.

“Where I’m from, we say, ‘Why didn’t you do something when you were mad?’ You were mad right there: Do something,” said Stroud. “You could have made hella plays, bro. You could have made plays, dog. You could have shut me up right there, but you didn’t. So what makes you think you’re gonna do it now? And if you do, I’m gonna come back, bro.”

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If that wasn’t enough to get blood boiling, Stroud mentioned the rivalry and how crazy Week 1 back at Lucas Oil Stadium will be come September 8.

“We play them at their place,” Stroud. “It’s going to be rocking. Indy hates me already and I love it.”

Franklin remained on the hot seat as Stroud addressed the comments made during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas. The Colts star went on a podcast and called out Stroud from losing in what many consider to be his coming out game.

Stroud said people took the quote out of proportion and ran with it.

“I don’t think he was (exaggerating), I might have said something that rubbed him the wrong way, but you know y’all Philly (guys) are a little sensitive,” Stroud said. “When we play, it is what it is.”

It’s clearly a friendly rivalry between two competitors. Stroud said he was proud of Franklin earning his recent extension with the Colts.

Still, it’s a rivalry.

“He’s a good player, but man, he knows … and that’s what I like: two dogs ready to rumble,” Stroud said.

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