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One of the many talented catchers on the New York Yankees is Austin Wells, who made his major league debut this season. But Wells has struggled recently, batting just.196/.282/.294 with one home run in 102 at-bats. Wells displays strong anticipated statistics in spite of these lackluster results, indicating that he may be having some terrible luck.

Although Wells’s defensive play has significantly improved, he is still finding his offensive rhythm, which should come with time and experience. By 2025, another talented catcher in the Yankees’ minor league system might be prepared to contend for a major league job.

Rising Stars on the Yankees’ Catcher Roster: 22-year-old Augustin Ramirez is progressing quickly at Double-A Somerset. With 12 home runs and 35 RBIs in 44 games, he has a strong hitting line of.271/.376/.554 with a 17.8% strikeout rate, a 13.7% walk rate, and a 157 wRC+.

Mostly recognized for his defensive prowess, Ramirez possesses powerful arm strength and adept framing techniques, making him the perfect future catcher for the Yankees. Prospects like Ramirez, who are dominating in the minor leagues, pose a serious threat to Wells, despite his current position in the majors.


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