The sneaky swap deal that could help both Spurs and Nottingham…

Nottingham Forest ace breaks dressing room silence after failed points deduction appeal
Nottingham Forest ace breaks dressing room silence after failed points deduction appeal

One of Nottingham Forest’s top players is rumored to be of interest to Spurs; however, could they send someone else?

There hasn’t been much action in the week since the Guardian initially revealed that Tottenham Hotspur was considering acquiring Callum Hudson-Odoi from Nottingham Forest due to his outstanding play at the end of the season. Given how early in the window it is, that is not particularly remarkable, but it would also not be shocking if negotiations were difficult.

This is partially because, despite being in a precarious financial situation due to Premier League profit and sustainability regulations—violations of which resulted in point deductions this season—Forest would be reluctant to let go of the elite players whose goals have kept them in the game. They will need to find replacements, which takes time, if they lose players like Hudson-Odoi and Morgan Gibbs-White.

Although Hudson-Odoi only cost £3 million when he joined Forest last summer, the team would still make a substantial profit on any sale. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a similarly constrained budget will not need to be used to replace him. They may have hit gold once, but that doesn’t always imply that success will come again.

However, one potential solution could be found in the very Spurs negotiations they most likely fear. Because the North London team has some dead weight to shed before making a new push for the Champions League spots, they also need to strengthen their attacking line. Two players may easily be used as makeweights in a move for Hudson-Odoi.

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Nottingham Forest ace breaks dressing room silence after failed points deduction appeal

Right now, Bryan Gil is all empty promises and scant tangible outcomes. He came from Spain to some fanfare, but he hasn’t lived up to the hype and is currently a long way down the Spurs hierarchy. Even so, he is still a deft, quick winger who can provide Hudson-Odoi with a comparable direct threat and rival him in skill and dribbling, if not goals and final product just yet.

Gil would undoubtedly be a step down given his recent performance, but he’s hardly much less of a salvage job than the player he could replace. They could package him into a deal with Spurs, probably with everyone’s approval, and give themselves a chance to replace the player they’re selling while also making money and avoiding adding anything to the balance sheet’s spending column.

Despite the fact that he is not a natural winger and would have a completely different role than Hudson-Odoi, he possesses the creative ability to improve the team in a similar manner and could easily provide the Forest attack the missing element. They just don’t have an offensive midfielder with his passing range or level of vision. Although he may not be a sure thing given his past troubles at Spurs, he seems like a risk worth considering. Forest also took a chance on Giovanni Reyna in January, probably in the hopes of finding that extra offensive spark that Lo Celso might just be able to supply.

Naturally, this is all theory and supposition, but it’s not often that two teams work together to solve problems quite this cleanly. Without causing too much trouble for the accounts department, Spurs secure their guy and Forest acquire a potential replacement. Although it’s likely that Forest has already made provisions for the probable exits of some of its best players, don’t be surprised if there are plans to trade horses with the buying teams.

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