Utah’s NHL Team May Be Named After These Four Worst Survey Responses

According to Rob Couch, Utah is narrowing down their NHL team’s name, and four candidates stick out for all the wrong reasons.

A sports team’s brand can have a significant impact on how well-received they are in their community. Utah has made a list of 20 possible team names available for the community to vote on in order to determine which name is most popular.

Even while there are a lot of fantastic choices, it’s also important to consider moniker ideas that are illogical or just plain offensive for a world-class professional hockey team. According to the writer, these are the bottom four, going up to the worst:

  1. HC Utah
    To refer to the squad as Utah HC would be incredibly unoriginal and out of character for an NHL team. This would be more appropriate for foreign teams playing in leagues lower than the NHL or even soccer.

The mascot, logo, and other branding components would become elusive as a result of the name Utah Hockey Club, perhaps creating a confusing overall identity. This is probably going to lead to Utah having an extremely simple name for no apparent reason, with these significant aspects of a team’s identity ending up as one of the other possibilities that supporters can vote for.

  1. Caribou in Utah
    If the team is ranking animals according to relevance, caribou shouldn’t even be in the top two. Utah may be known for other reasons. As of 1971, the elk has been designated as the state animal of Utah; however, coyotes are among the most prevalent animals in the region.

Originally, the purpose of assigning names to teams was to serve as a source of intimidation for rivals. Even though there are a lot of teams everywhere these days, you still think it needs to hold up a little bit because caribou aren’t really menacing and don’t accurately represent Utah’s new NHL team’s home.

  1. Powdered Utah
    Although Powder Mountain, the biggest ski resort in the United States, is related to the state, Utah Powder is completely out of place for a hockey team. There are better and more directly linked hockey-related names for the team, such as Ice, Glaciers, Yeti, Freeze, Blizzard, and Frost, if Utah choose to go with a cold element.

For those who are unaware of the background, the word “powder” also carries certain negative connotations related to an illegal substance. Without understanding about Powder Mountain, many Utah or other team supporters could easily consider this, leading to unwelcome and needless conversations.

  1. The Canyons of Utah
    Although ‘Canyons’ is an odd name for a team, Utah is supposedly home to the world’s greatest concentration of slot canyons. Though it sounds considerably worse, this is comparable to Powder.

Canyons is far less imaginative and threatening than even naming the team after an existing famous place. This is a somewhat uninspired name that would work well as a logo or strange mascot, probably for climbing equipment. It should remain that way because it has nothing to do with hockey.

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